Who is a temporary employee?

A temporary employee is employed by job agency only for do a specific job for and under management the employer-user. The employer-user cannot sign job contract with temporary employee for his own.

Therefore job agency is necessary because its act as mediator. More specific status of temporary employees is regulared by the Act of 9 July 2003 on the Employment of Temporary Employees.

Does temporary employee can go on vacation leave or sick leave?

Yes. A temporary employee can go on vacation leave. In accordance with the act, the temporary employees have right to go on vacation leave for 2 days for every worked month. They can also go on paid sick leave.

Does the period of temporary employement is taking into considaration when the amout of retirement is calculated?

Yes. From temporary employee’s remuneration an employer has to pay contributions for social insurance. Therefore according to binding law, periods of temporary employment are also taking into consideration to calculate amount of your future retirement.

Does a temporary employee can apply for health insurance for their family members?

Yes. A temporary employee as the same like permanent employee, can apply for health insurance for their the closest family.

Does a candidate have to pay for the services which are provided by job agency?

No. Job agencies do not take a commission on help with finding job. The only costs which job agency can ask for, are expenses which are related with getting job abroad, for example cost of visa.

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